Event Info (Updated 23 May 2024)

Up and Coming

Below list is a rough planned events.  Most outings are on the 3rd weekend of the month.  Full details and dates will be posted in Scoutbook.


  • June – Ft. Frederick Bike trip
  • June – High Adventure AT Hike
  • July – Summer Camp
  • August – Harpers Ferry Back Packing
  • September – Canoeing
  • October – Haunted House
  • November – Caving
  • December – Lock-in 


  • January – Skiing
  • February – Merit Badge Weekend
  • March – Old Rag
  • April – Back Packing
  • May – Pioneering

Spring Court Of Honor - June 2nd

Our COH is where your Scouts get recognized for all their hard work throughout the year.  Please sign up via Scoutbook and the associated signup Genius for the potluck/ceremony.  See you there!

Scoutbook Signups **IMPORTANT**

When signing up for an event, the big yellow button in the middle of the page signs up the logged in user only.  This has resulted in many parents registering themselves to go camping instead of their scout.  To fix this expand the ‘My Youth Connections’ drop down and RSVP your scout accordingly.

Troop Requirement

If you will be camping overnight with the troop, you MUST have a background check down via Scouts BSA.  This is easily accomplished by registering to become a Merit Badge Counselor.  Details on how to sign-up are below.  The Troop will reimburse all fees.  

Become a MB Counselor.

Ft. Frederick Bike Trip

We leave from the Legion at 530 PM June 7th.  Be sure to send your scout with money for dinner.  

There will be multiple options for the bike ride that will begin around 1000 Saturday morning (rain or shine).  You do not have to camp in order to ride.  We will be going West on the C&O trail.  Our first stop will be lunch at which time our riders wishing to return to camp may do so.  We are planning on doing conservation work with a Poolesville troop at the Ft and hope to tour the park with the rangers.  

For anyone wishing to earn the 50 Miler Merritt Badge we will be continuing on the trail going out 25 miles, then turning around for dinner.    Younger riders may do a shorter ride and visit/tour Ft. Frederick

An evening troop mixer will be held with  the Poolesville troop.  Adults are planning on doing a bulk of cooking to allow Scouts more time earning volunteer hours and biking.

AT Hike/High Adventure

We will depart from the Legion at 0700 to immediately hit the trail Friday morning.  We will hike across Maryland on the Appalachian Trail shooting for 10 miles a day to return home Monday night.  

This is going to be our most challenging event of the year.  Scouts must be 13 or older OR do a checkout hike with ASM Mark before rsvp’ing.  The troop can assist with gear and has experts who can help you gear up.  Talk to a leader if interested.  

Summer Camp

All adults going to summer camp MUST complete the below form dated within 30 days of attending camp.

PA Out of State registrant.

Medical forms A,B andC are due in triplicate by June 1.  This includes form C for physical AND a picture of the front and back of your insurance cards.

Whiting Neck Cave WV - NOVEMBER 24

Reservations for this trip are past due.  If you are interested in caving please signup on Scout Book ASAP.  

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